Do You Know That the Best Fat Burning Workouts Are Those That Pump up the Cardio?

You work out regularly and follow a healthy diet, expecting that you have eliminated a lot of your fat so you can start looking fit and slim. But why is there still fat around after all those strenuous activities?

If you seek the advice of your health provider or gym trainer, they will tell you that to lose fat, you have to have a good cardiovascular exercise regime. Maybe your usual workout pace is not strenuous enough . One of your best options to burn fat is to walk around a lot while pumping up your stride.

March 11, 2013 at 07:47PM

Take note of this solution to add more pitch to your weekly exercise. If your workout is twice a week, add one; make it three. If you jog for 45 minutes, make it an hour. Interval training involves alternating a vigorous fat-burning workout with lighter activities. This is a great way to lose those unwanted flabs. You can walk for five minutes, then jog for five minutes more and continue for an hour. You can melt more fat and burn more calories. If you have been jogging, you can alternate with some sprinting.

Notice The Change

If you are consistent, you will notice after some time that your fat is burning out. Don’t forget to maintain your good health with a proper diet. Take your time, do not be in a rush. Remember, to melt down all that fat, you need to pump up your cardio. Doing so stimulates the burning of calories. You can or sprint or jog to do this. There are also 43 cardio moves that are good alternatives to running or jogging. Ask your trainer for guidance.

It will be one of the most wonderful days in your life when you could hardly recognize yourself in the mirror as you are able to fit those clothes you got before you gained all those pounds.

Photo Credit: Arya Ziai on flickr