Fastest way to lose weight without surgery

Donna, WA

This is Donna when she arrived

Donna is so happy she chose to attend LifeStyle Fitness Camp, a place that offers a no surgery weight loss environment.

If you watch the news much you are aware that obesity rates in America are currently nearing 35%.  Even if you don’t fall in this category you might have some of the common, serious and costly side affects that are related to our poor diets and lacking exercise habits.  Maybe you or someone you love has reached their breaking point and even considered weight loss surgery.

We know you want to lose weight fast.  We know you need to change your eating habits permanently.  We know you probably don’t get enough exercise and that you might need the help of an expert.  We are here for you!  LifeStyle Fitness camp is an all-inclusive weight loss resort that will get you back on track to wellness.  We want you to live your life and not just be a spectator!  You need to be confident and happy in your own skin!  Don’t wait around.  Don’t be a statistic.  Come experience the fastest way to lose weight without surgery!

Note from Jen and Chad: 

Donna arrived to our affordable fitness camp home that has a luxurious fully stocked kitchen:   the refrigerator and pantry are filled with all the healthy foods she needed during her stay.  Her camp experience was strengthened by other campers who all share the house and consider it more like a “community of supporters”.  Everyone is here to reach the same goals, to learn how to eat better, drink more water, workout and of course, lose weight. We hope that our clients see the home and environment as a relaxing, stress free place to learn and enjoy their new lifestyle.

Donna, WA

This is how Donna looked six months later! She has maintained this weight for 2 years!

Many of our clients have told us that surgery was a final decision before considering attending our camp. We are so thankful they considered a lifestyle retreat over surgery because our clients have seen results not only with their bodies, but their emotions and energy! We are thrilled when past clients say that they are so happy to have their lives back again and not have to suffer the aftercare of surgery.

Final note:  we live and teach the idea that if you treat your body well the weight will come off. Treating your body well is working with the basics we will teach you.  Call to discuss your life options with Chad or Jen today. Please fill out the contact form below.

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America’s Best Fat Camps

America’s best fat camp isn’t a fat camp at all.  At least not in the way its portrayed in the fat camp movie “Heavyweights”.  Although the movie is entertaining, most of us would agree that we don’t want to attend!

best weight loss camps for adults Our best weight loss camp is an adult weight loss camp.  It is an affordable weight loss camp.  It is an all-inclusive weight loss retreat where you can step away from your everyday life and learn how to change your bad eating habits and how to get in the habit of working out.  You will have exciting victories and you will even be able to post your own before and after weight loss photos on Facebook!

The name of our program is LifeStyle Fitness and our purpose is to help you reach all your weight loss goals and check off your list of fitness goals.  Whether you need to lose 20 pounds or lose 100 pounds, we can show you, step-by-step, how to get there!  We are America’s Most Personalized Weight Loss Camp because we see you as an individual.  We will help you create a lifestyle that you can continue long after you leave us!

Ready to get going? Contact us today!

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How to lose weight for a wedding

Rochelle started her weight loss at LifeStyle Fitness Camp!  You can too!

Rochelle started her weight loss at LifeStyle Fitness Camp! You can too!

Let’s face it, nothing motivates us to lose weight like an upcoming event!  Especially if you are one of the stars of the show!  For that reason you might be asking yourself how to lose weight for a wedding, and I have the answer for you: Come to LifeStyle Fitness Camp, one of the best weight loss camps in beautiful Saint George, Utah and we will help you reach all your weight loss goals!  The best part of all is that you will lose weight without surgery, you will lose weight without pills, and you will be changing eating habits and finding a workout routine for weight loss that works for you!  All along we teach you the behavioral steps toward permanent weight loss and how to change your lifestyle!

This will be the best wedding gift, the most unique wedding gift you could ever receive!  You will change your life and you will change your quality of life for good!  There’s no time like the present to begin your own weight loss transformation!

Contact us today!

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Best Weight Loss Retreat

If you’ve ever attempted to lose weight and failed because it wasn’t practical long-term, you may want to try a different plan.  Our no-nonsense, affordable, adult weight loss camp has distinguished itself from the from the adult fat camps image that has been around for decades.

LifeStyle Fitness Camp is one of the best weight loss camps and is a weight loss retreat like no other!  There are many weight loss camps for adults that will promise you either a luxurious spa retreat or they will promise you that you can lose weight fast.  Some even promise you will drop 20 pounds per week like the contestants on the Biggest Loser!  If you have done any research you know that those kind of results are unhealthy and unrealistic for long term weight loss success.

slider-home-2What sets us apart from other weight loss camps is that we see you as an individual.  We know you are different that anyone else and our we can focus on your individual goals, such as changing your eating habits, learning workouts to do at home or what to do at the gym.  We will teach you both how to manage your nutrition so you know what to eat for healthy weight loss, and how to manage your fitness so you know workout routines for weight loss and how to build muscle.  When you leave this affordable weight loss camp you will be able to look in the mirror and see results and you will have the confidence that it doesn’t end when you walk out our door!

So now it’s up to you to step outside your comfort zone and give us a call!  You know what you have been doing just isn’t working and it’s time to find the best way to lose weight, and to lose weight permanently!

Contact us and find out how wonderful a retreat can be for your mind, body and energy!

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